Strategic Planning for the New Year


October starts the fiscal year and is only three months away from the New Year! This month is a perfect time for you to review your strategic plan. If you are a procrastinator, and haven’t developed a strategic  plan, now is the time to make a commitment to take your business to the next level. Creating a strategic plan is an important tool to help you understand your organization’s processes and resources. Additionally, it allows you to determine the direction that is best for organizational growth and profits. Below are five questions to consider when developing an effective strategic plan.

**What is your mission?

Why does your organization exist and what results are you trying to achieve?

**Who are your customers and target market?

What do your customers value and how can you exceed their expectations? What are you trying to achieve for your customers? Review marketing campaign and complete a survey.

**Who is your competition?

Are  you exceeding the standards set by your competition? Compare customer service.

**How do you measure success?

Various methods: number of repeat customers, profit margin, sales, etc. Set goals.

**What is your plan for continued operations?

Create or review short- term (one year) and long-term (three to five years) strategies.  Set goals


Consulting Experts & Associates (CEA) can help you answer these questions through our personalized Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis.

Contact CEA for a FREE strategic consultation at 1-888-300-7939 to learn how you can add our strategic analysis process into your strategic plan.


Dr. Vanessa Guyton, The Consulting Expert

CEA’s Insightful Training for the United States Army Reserves

Dr. Vanessa  Guyton, The Consulting Expert of Consulting Experts & Associates,  provided Bystander Intervention training to the Soldiers of the United States Army Reserves, Military Intelligence Readiness Command (MIRC) in Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland on Saturday, September 14, 2013.  Dr. Guyton designed Bystander Intervention training  to empower individuals to intervene when they see inappropriate behaviors occurring in an organization, and to reduce the amount of formal complaints. This discussion and exercise training is very insightful, energetic, and encourages everyone to participate. We are always honored to provided training to the Soldiers of the United States Army!

MSG Lugo, the Equal Opportunity Advisor, presented Dr. Guyton with a thank you basket and stated “Thank you for a fun filled day! Our Soldiers are already requesting you to come back and you haven’t even left.”

IMG_0791 IMG_0767


Pictured: Dr. Guyton and MSG Lugo/Dr. Guyton, Soldiers who received recognition for participation during training


Do you want to start a business or have a new business? Check out our Initial Business Startup Steps


Initial Business Startup Steps

Many individuals have a good business idea, but find it difficult to actually start their business. They have no idea where to start, raising cash, or if they should do a single or joint venture.  All they know is that starting a business takes hard work, dedication, and money. This article will provide initial steps to assist you in determining an initial path to consider. After reviewing this article, remember that Consulting Experts & Associates can assist you in starting your business by providing additional guidance, strategies, and valuable information.

Determining a Need

The first step is to determine if there is a need for the product or service you are planning to offer. The initial step requires you to research the needs of consumers, create an idea, and then work towards a completed product or service.

Entrepreneur Sheri Jefferson, an Educational Loan Consultant, utilized these steps before launching Your Financial Services.  While working for a prestigious college, she realized that the financial aid office was operating inefficiently, receiving excessive complaints from students, and the staff was not properly trained. Ms. Jefferson was often frustrated and decided that she had the experience to help colleges operate successfully, and increase the retention rates of students. She launched her business using her personal finances as a home base business with the goal of offering a service that she could improve. Today, Your Financial Services is a successful startup, assisting more than 15 colleges around the country. Ms. Jefferson said “I am successful because I offered a great service that was not being offered.”

Want to start a startup? Keep these tips in mind:

*  Research existing patents that may be similar to your idea, using websites like Free Patents Online.

*  Start bulletproofing your startup by incorporating to protect your financial interests.

*  Create contracts and agreements as you start moving beyond the idea phase.

*  Consult with a lawyer to make sure you are taking the proper steps.

Seek out someone with experience in the industry you want to enter to make sure you have a solid understanding of it. Talk to an attorney who is well versed in business law and make sure to take the right steps so you don’t hit any legal snags.

Protecting Your Start-up Legally

Starting a startup involves a lot of risk so it’s important to take the right steps. These entail protecting your own assets and bulletproof your startup to keep it running smoothly. Every stage of starting a startup should be legal. Below is a list of guidelines to follow:

*  Incorporate your business because it establishes legitimacy of your business and provides protection of your personal assets (house, savings, etc.).

*  Research and apply for a provisional patent . This is a method of protecting your ideas and requires individuals receive permission before using them.

*  Ensure that you comply with your state laws and keep good records that are required for your corporation. Running a good business requires you to understand the laws and operate your organization accordingly.

*  Determine which type of business contracts you should implement, and ensure that all of your financial transactions, agreements and hiring of employees are in writing. We highly recommend that you have a lawyer review your contracts for your protection.

*  Signing up with Legal Sheild is an inexpensive way to have a lawyer at your disposal to review your business contracts and advise you on operating your business.


Finding Partners

Some individuals have the experience and desire to start a business venture alone, but some individuals may need additional skill sets and/or time to run the business efficiently.

Starting a startup and turning your idea into a business takes identifying your skills to see if you have the ability to make your dream a reality.  If you lack those skills, locate a partner who can fill those gaps.

Participate in a business networking group and participate in online forums. Search out budding entrepreneurs on LinkedIn or at area colleges by talking to professors and students.

Don’t forget to protect yourself and your idea once you start seeking a partner. There are cases where courts sided with business owners’ partners without the owner even necessarily agreeing that the people were their “partners.” Get everything in writing with a partnership agreement and have a lawyer review your partnership agreement.

Creating a Business Plan

Never skip this step when starting a business.

A business plan is your personal road map that helps you arrive at your destination safely. The plan ensures that you follow the correct route and prevent detours along the way by determining potential roadblocks. Consulting Experts & Associates provides you assistance to help you outline business goals, projections, marketing strategies, financing and other important facts as you start your start-up.

Compliance with Tax Laws

Bulletproof your startup by making sure you take all the necessary steps to comply with IRS requirements. There are multiple expenses when starting a startup. These expenses, include paying for consultants and lawyers, purchasing supplies, and operating expenses can be written off on your taxes. Its important  to  track your expenses and income carefully, and save all of your receipts.

Federal and State tax regulations can be difficult to understand. Hiring an accountant or a tax lawyer are very valuable during this process.  The Internal Revenue Service offers the following steps for starting a business:

*  Apply for an employer identification number if applicable.

*  Select a business structure.

*  Choose a tax year, calendar or fiscal.

*  Have employees fill out Form I-9 and Form W-4.

*  Pay your business taxes.

Following these important steps as you start your startup  will help you turn that great idea into a business. For additional advice, read the Small Business Administration’s “10 Steps to Starting a Business.” Also don’t forget the consultants  at Consulting Experts have the advice to help you start your startup right.

The Consulting Expert, Dr. Vanessa L. Guyton



The Consulting Expert is searching for an Administrative Intern!

 Administrative Internship~~Searching for a new individual to be a part of our team!


Consulting Experts & Associates, LLC (CEA)  is searching for an Administrative Assistant who is an excellent writer, computer literate, as well as social media savvy. Must have professional speaking voice, excellent organizational skills and an ability to think on his or her feet.

Duties include working directly for the Consulting Expert, maintaining calendars, writing articles, sales letters, press releases and blogging.

This is an unpaid, virtual internship, meaning that the job can be performed from anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection. Must be enrolled in an accredited college. Business Majors, preferred but not required.

To be considered, please review our website at, then submit your résumé and proof of enrollment  to Submission Deadline:  September 13, 2013.  Start date: September 23, 2013.

Consulting Experts & Associates, LLC  is a global management consulting firm based in Langley AFB, VA with an established reputation for providing premium customer service.  Founded in 2010, our Internet-based business specializes in performing strategic analysis for businesses to improve their organization by improving operations, maximizing growth potential, and enhancing the overall organizational effectiveness of your company.

Announcing our partnership with Limitless Technology Solutions

We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Limitless Technology Solutions (LTS), LLC ! They have met and surpassed all of the requirements to become  an Expert Consultant for Consulting Experts & Associates (CEA), LLC.

LTS is composed of a team of highly trained professionals who are comprehensively prepared to provide our clients with the latest software and technology services. Their organization is a one stop shop to provide technology solutions to simplify and solve your technical problems. The solution services include: web site development, web hosting, specialized training, technical support, and additional IT services.

The addition of Limitless Technology Solutions LLC will set Consulting Experts & Associates apart from other consulting companies that only provide strategic analyses and process improvements. CEA’s strategic analysis will continue to include those services, with an addition of a  comprehensive strategic analysis of an organization’s IT department and their processes. Our CEO, Dr. Vanessa Guyton, stated “The information retrieved from this analysis can enhance processes, reduce impractical spending, and increase profits for all of our clients. We are very proud of Ms. Savorian Couch and her team.”

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about our partnership program, please send us an email at or call 888-300-7939 option 1.

                                            One Team ~ One Mission

Consulting_Experts_Associates2.jpg                            limitless_logo001 (3)

CEA Launches Their New Site to the Public

All of the Consultants of Consulting Experts & Associates have worked very hard to create an engaging website for their current partners and potential clients. The site was released to the public on August 2nd and  has received very positive reviews and responses.  Our CEO, Dr. Vanessa Guyton stated ” I am very thankful and proud of  my team for their hard work and diligence in capturing the essence and services of CEA. I believe our website will be the face of our organization and allow future clients to see how we can assist their organization.”

We have created a great partnership with, Limitless Technology Solutions, LLC. Their CEO & IT Developer, Savorian Couch provided outstanding customer service and professionalism during hours of development. This is a great example of “One Team~One Mission“!

Please take a moment to visit to see how our services can assist various organizations and individuals to enhance their potential. While you are there, feel free to sign up for a FREE Consultation or our Ezine, “The Expert“. You will receive engaging information from our consultants, business tips, deals, book reviews, and advice from business experts around the world.

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Meet Our New Partner ~ Meals on Wheels

Consulting Experts & Associates is excited to announce our new partnership with Meals on Wheels of Newport News, VA. Our Consultants and families will be delivering meals every Wednesday & Saturday. We highly recommend this organization because all of their funding goes to cooking hot meals and feeding our elderly and disabled neighbors.  Everyone in America should have at least one hot meal a day.

You can visit Meals on Wheels at to find a volunteer coordinator in your area or to make a donation.


Dr. Vanessa Guyton, CEO