CEA Launches Their New Site to the Public

All of the Consultants of Consulting Experts & Associates have worked very hard to create an engaging website for their current partners and potential clients. The site was released to the public on August 2nd and  has received very positive reviews and responses.  Our CEO, Dr. Vanessa Guyton stated ” I am very thankful and proud of  my team for their hard work and diligence in capturing the essence and services of CEA. I believe our website will be the face of our organization and allow future clients to see how we can assist their organization.”

We have created a great partnership with, Limitless Technology Solutions, LLC. Their CEO & IT Developer, Savorian Couch provided outstanding customer service and professionalism during hours of development. This is a great example of “One Team~One Mission“!

Please take a moment to visit www.consultingexp.com to see how our services can assist various organizations and individuals to enhance their potential. While you are there, feel free to sign up for a FREE Consultation or our Ezine, “The Expert“. You will receive engaging information from our consultants, business tips, deals, book reviews, and advice from business experts around the world.

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